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ON BREAK FOR NOW!! Updates Once Per Week! Emerl The Gizoid from the world of Mobius has somehow avoided his own doom. He ends up in the world of cruelty, dreams, war, devils and... pirates. That's right, the home world of famous treasure called One Piece. The sea that seeks out the very best of sailors, the New World of Grand Line. This is where every pirate seeks to become... The Pirate King. How will Emerl manage? What lies ahead for him? Start reading to find out! Will hopefully not affect in a negative way anyone who loves One Piece (like I do) and Sonic-franchise. One Piece © Eiichiro Oda Sonic © Sega This is a fan comic. Not for sale.

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January 31st, 2012, 12:23 am

I'm still alive

"Wha-! You're still alive? You've got to be joking! You've got to be kidding me!" -Wheatley from Portal 2

Yyyeah... Sorry I haven't updated anything for a loooooong time. I have once again found myself in a situation where I just can't draw the comic. One reason is the fact that I once again lost the ambition to continue the comic, then there's school, Pok�©mon, and all other kind of crap that we call life. Also saving money for new computer slows me down, since editing (and even creating) pages with my current computer would drive me nuts (I'm talking about 5-6 year old computer here!). I do sketch and ink pages now and then but if I'd publish my current amount of pages that are inked, the updates wouldn't last long. I really would like to end the Cyborg Arlong saga, but, hey, at least the fights mostly over. It has been going, like, at least 3 freaking years so it should be about time to end it.

Right now I'm researching for web page development by my own (along with one huge ass student project where we actually create a web page templates for our school), so at some point I could even be able to make EOP their own web page. I'm really looking forward to it.

That's pretty much all about my situation towards EOP right now. I hope at least most of you understand and wait patiently for upcoming updates. The comic's not over until I say so!

August 29th, 2011, 12:23 am

EOP Returns on September

Hi guys! I hope your summer was warm and exciting (some of you experienced that tornado thing a while ago, but...). Well, it was warm but not exciting for me...

So, although I felt lazy during summer, there are pages to be drawn and updated! Luckily I have some pages ready, so I can make a wonderful comeback with EOP. We were left for some kind of cliffhanger, and the cliffhanging will be over at September 5th, when the next update will show up.
From page 8-12 onward, there is a slight chance that EOP will have a major change. More detailed pages, thanks to the fact that I'm moving to drawing onto A3-paper from now on. Still hafta look where the heck do I scan and/or copy the pages to A4 so I can edit them at home (my scanner can fit A4 at best, and scanning in 2 pieces would lead to some kind of hell for me).

Anyways, I hope you can wait for a while, so you can get your eyeful. The story will go on, maybe for eternity (...did I just write that?)!

March 15th, 2011, 6:30 am

Skipped update

As you might have noticed, there's not this weeks update. Sorry about that. It won't also appear on Thursday, as some people would guess. The reason is that I've been very busy with school and such. So this week's update will (hopefully) appear on next Monday, as I prepare more pages for next updates. Data File X's 1st part is still in progress, but hopefully at least after Chapter 8 I will start publishing the first part. Hope you can wait, and sorry for not having update this week.

January 25th, 2011, 1:49 am

Updates continue on February!

Haven't heard of me for a while, ya?
Yeah, I've been busy for this month, including school, sister's 18th birthday, Pokémon League and stuff... So I haven't prepared so much updates. But, on second week of February, updates will continue, as usual, on Mondays.

Other thing I need to talk about is Data File X. The first half of first chapter is about done, so instead of publishing it ALONG the main story, it will, when I decide, take the place of main comic for a while. The reason is my time: It's good if I get some extra time to work on the comic while you'll be entertained.

See ya on February!

December 6th, 2010, 8:29 am

No update this week.

Sorry, I got lazy. Haven't finished next two pages yet. And upcoming events in story are in development.
After next two updates, we will take holiday break, since I'm pretty sure I can't use computer that much for anything else than work, and EOP will hopefully continue on January ASAP. Well, at least when you see next update.

November 12th, 2010, 1:13 pm

No updates on next Monday!

Yeah, I have yet to finish latest pages before I can update them, to ensure that updates come on time... And it needs a minor break. So, next Monday (15th of November), there will be no update. I just need that time to finish the page properly, and prepare more updates. And, finishing the page with computer this weekend might be hard, since I have started my own Pokémon League in my hometown, and it takes place on Saturdays at 12 am to 4 pm, and this weekend is different since in Finland we have Father's Day at Sunday, and I might be going to celebrate my grandfather at Saturday night and stay until Sunday.
And yeah, I sleep the time before my league. So there, happy now?

Be patient,

August 31st, 2010, 12:57 am

Page 6-22 broke personal records

Yeah, I wasn't expecting this much of fame through Smackjeeves with the latest update...
So, the latest page was epic for some of you. Over 500 page-viewers can't be wrong, can they?
I'm just too happy now...
I hope this won't be temporary, and do hope that people will continue reading my comic.
I decided to start updating special pages every Thursday, meaning that Substory, Character art, Skills Showcases and Pre-Chapters will be updated on Thursdays, if there's anything to update. So don't have too high hopes, since these updates will be either random or only short sequences...

Once again, Thank You.

July 23rd, 2010, 3:50 am

Almost 2k Page Views!

Yeah, I just checked site stats and traffic here at Smackjeeves, and it just came out of blue:
There are 1993 Page Views.
This means only one thing: we are seven views away from admirable number of 2000 page views! I know this might sound pretty ridiculous to you, but for me, it means a lot, since the new update rate of this comic has paid off this way. And also the Emerald One Piece trailer that I made few days ago seems to be affecting it, too.
I got little surprised yesterday, when I noticed that on Monday and Tuesday there was over 230 page views. I can understand Monday, since it's update day, but at the following day, the same number? Whoah!
Anyways, I think I have to make some kind of celebration comic or art or something for the 2000th view. It might come little late since I'm off to tropic for next week (from 26th of July to 2nd of August), where I can also finish some pages with ink and maybe sketch the end for Arlong Battle.
But, now there are pages for the end of August with this update rate, so I don't have to hurry THAT much... but still, I have to keep you guys happy, right?
For now, I must thank my most loyal fans for believing in me and this comic, also for their patience, which really has surprised me in these 3 years. Looking this comic now... If I do the story as I have planned, it might take even at least 3 more years... But that's another story :D

Until next time,

July 18th, 2010, 5:56 am

Emerald One Piece Trailer!

Yes, as the title says, I've done a trailer for Emerald One Piece with my Sony Vegas 9.0 Pro.
Lawl, I started making it like after midnight, since I though my little sunburns couldn't let me sleep (I started sleeping after 3.00 a.m., though). But after few hours of sleep, I finished it. My computer is kinda old already and Vegas crashed few times (since it's my computer we're talking about, it makes sense), so the work was slow and hard.
Although I'm only learning how to use Vegas 9.0, I must admit I did pretty good job with the video.
Ah! Enough pep talk, here's the link to the video:
Emerald One Piece Trailer
P.S. You might think why I chose the particular music for this trailer. Well, since I couldn't think any better epic music, I though, that hey, this could be good (<- thought about 5 seconds of the music).

June 28th, 2010, 10:53 am

The Pre-Chapter

While searching the web for database of Sonic Battle moves for later referance, I knocked myself with extremely useful information: The truth behind Emerl's birth. Since I mostly have focused on the events of One Piece, I decided to give some enjoyment for Sonic fans and make a Pre-Chapter, including most of the information that I've found through web about Emerl and his backgrounds, like the Nocturnus, influence of Gerald Robotnik and his grandson, and other stuff, finishing it with the final question: How did he end up to Grand Line, of all places?
Since this will take time (I'm just planning it), I will update the actual story as fast as I can. Remember, there are pages that just wait to be scanned, that with the update rate of once per week, will last at least to August, maybe even September. And they do keep coming up all the time, so don't worry.
I will publish this Pre-Chapter (pending name) as whole once it's done, with the rate of 3 pages per week. It will not affect the main story's update rate, so don't get hopes high.
I hope you will wait patiently for the Pre-Chapter, along the main story that goes on. There will be interesting plot twists coming, so bear the agony of waiting (I'm only a human, you know!)!!

Sincerely, Pelaaja

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